Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kittens don't like Squash

Somebody just had an evil plan to kill Maria, either that or they just do not like squash. I can't say I blame them tho, if someone was trying to make me eat squash I might try to kill them too. I mean squash, really!
Anyway, what happened was, Maria tried to give her cats some boiled squash. Apparently there wasn't enought leftover to refrigerate, so she decided to give it to her living trash compactors which were not in the least bit amused by this. And so, to seek their revenge, they precariously placed the squash in a foot traffic zone. Even thought Maria had never been able to do the splits in her entire life, she just learned the hard way.
She is now in a body cast, which is why I'm typing this for her. Not really, she's just being lazy so I'm transcribing our phone conversation but the part about the kitties trying to murder her by squash is true.