Monday, March 29, 2010

I have been injured in the line of duty!!!!!!!

It was horrible! The much blood...

Ok, so here's what happened:
Maria's been having a hard time getting Barkley to stand up in costume so she brought him over to my place to see if we would have more luck toguether. Barkley however, decided to freak out at the unfamiliar surroundings. So while he is running around in circles in my back porch and we are trying to catch him, he ends up landing claws first on my foot.

it's amazing that I lived to tell the tale after the ordeal that have been through.

Eventually, Barkley calmed down thanks to numerous bribes of yummies and catnip and we were able to take some pictures. I'll post some later.

Oh yeah, Maria got injured too.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here's one from xmas.
This is a better version of what I was trying to do in the last post. The flowers, tree, fence, clouds and sun were painted wood which I scanned. The background was painted with acrylics and the grass was easter grass. Those were also scanned and the whole thing was put toguether later as a puzzle.

Too Much Catnip

This is pretty awful, but at least it's colorful. It's hard to draw with a mouse. In MS Paint. At least I got Photoshop back.

Barkley's Adventures in Modeling

I'm starting this blog to chronicle the trials and tribulations involved in the dangerous world of cat modeling. This whole idea began with a need for illustrations and an overabundance of cats.
My friend Maria takes the photos and I have been playing around in photoshop with them.
Unfortunately most of the cats were not as exited about this brilliant idea, which is how Barkley got his big break and became our star. You will see other cats photographer here from time to time, but it's mostly Barkley most of the time, since he is the only one who has not tried to murder Maria so far.